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July Cooking Classes at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking SchoolFeatured Classes

We know it’s edible and we know it’s incredible and Chef Amy Barnes will demonstrate
just how elegant an egg can be at ELEGANCE OF EGGS on Thursday, February 23rd with dishes like a Goat Cheese & Green Onion Pan Soufflé and Floating Islands with Vanilla Bean Custard Sauce.
A Lunch & Learn class at Sweet Basil Jack Horner would love the dessert at LUNCH & LEARN on Friday, February 24th because there will be Dried Plums in the Flourless Chocolate Cake as well as Dark Rum & Whipped Cream. And we’re sure he’ll love Chef Lisa Brisch’s Shrimp with Orzo Pasta too.
Would having Pan Seared Filets with fresh Crab & Béarnaise Sauce plus an appetizer &
a dessert this Friday, February 24th at GOURMET COUPLES put you in a sea-faring mood? Ahoy! Join us.
CHOPPED! on Saturday, February 25th brings a bit of Food Network-type fun to our kitchen.
We’ll divide into teams and turn a basket of ingredients into some tasty dishes to enjoy. Chef Stephanie (Ted-Allen-for-a-day) Riley
will be there to lend a hand.
Meatless Dinner Party class at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School Great recipes are great anytime. Getting together with great friends is great anytime. Thus the great idea for LUNCH WITH FRIENDS on Tuesday, February 28th.
The French word “sauté” means “jumped up” which perefectly describes one of the
classic sauté movements of tossing and flipping the contents of a pan while cooking. The best parts of sautéing, however, is the texture of the food that results from this quick-cook method. Chef Stephanie Riley’s SUPERIOR SAUTE on Wednesday, March 1st will cover all the useful & delicious details.
Spring won’t arrive until March 20th but Spring Training is here now. So let’s add a 4th “B” to
BACON, BREWS & BBQ (& BASEBALL!) on Wednesday, March 1st since the Cactus League is underway and this class is loaded with some seriously great party recipes -like Beer & Cheddar Fondue with Sausage &
Pretzel Bites – whatever your theme.
Although Pineapple Pizza is not on the menu for KIDS COOK PIZZA & PASTA on Tuesday, March 7th we fundamentally oppose the President of Iceland who said he would like to ban it. Meanwhile we’ll be enjoying yummy versions like a TMNT-approvedCheeseburger Pizza and a S’Mores Pizza for dessert.
Chef Stephanie Riley designed RISE & SHINE on Wednesday, March 8th to put the spotlight on a delicious weekend breakfast family get-together with dishes like Cheese Blintzes with Blueberry Sauce & Harvest Nut & Grain Pancakes.