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Link-SheLikesFood It seems that there are more web sites devoted to all things culinary than there are stars in the Milky Way. So we pretty much stick to the basic magazines and culinary organizations. But every once in a while we come across one that we fall in love with. We love She Likes Food. The “she” in the title is “Izzy” – who not only has great recipes but after following She Likes Food for a while, we appreciate her warm “welcome to my kitchen” attitude.
edibleBajaArizonaMarch-April-2015 Reading about the pleasures of the table is not as good as the sights and aromas and tastes of them but when the writing and photography is incredibly fine, the view from your armchair can be an enjoyable experience all by itself. And a call to action to move from the armchair into the kitchen! So here’s a shout out from Sweet Basil about edible Baja Arizona, a beautifully done publication from Tucson that recently published its 11th issue – March-April.
Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School edible Baja Arizona‘s focus is “celebrating the foodways of Tucson and the borderlands.” (“Baja” means “lower.”) It is a free publication distributed in Tucson – but our friend there says issues can be hard to find. “They disappear fast.” Happily, edible Baja Arizona is available online. (We subscribed to it because it is so well done and a comfortable companion in our armchair!) At Sweet Basil we love our Lodge Dutch Oven and direct your attention to an article about Dutch Oven cooking in the current issue. (Who knew that there are Dutch Oven cooking competitions?) It is the third part of a story called The Fired Outside.
LocalWineEvents The next time you plan a trip, check out wine happenings at your destination at Local Wine Events. Or set yourself up to be notified about exciting wine events in the Valley.
Gavina_logo2 The coffee we love from F.Gaviña & Sons. (Be sure to join our Coffee Club. For every 10 pounds of coffee you purchase you get 1 free.)
 DavidRosengarten No one writes about the culinary world – from soup to nuts to Shiraz – better than the former host of the Food Network’s Taste and the author of the awesome Dean and DeLuca Cookbook: David Rosengarten.
 America's Test Kitchen America’s Test Kitchen is trusted for living up to their slogan: “Recipes That Work.”
 Cook's-Illustrated Yes! America’s Test Kitchen and the Cook’s Illustrated magazine are affiliated. Thus the same slogan and why the host of America’s test Kitchen, Christopher Kimball, is the Editor of Cook’s Illustrated. A great combo!
 FoodNetwork The Food Network is the home of Giada De Laurentiis etc. etc. etc. A procrastinator’s dream site.
 SimpleCooking The home of “The Outlaw Cook” – John Thorne – Simple Cooking is where the 3 Ws of the culinary world reside: Wit, Wisdom & Whimsy.
NOTE: No longer updated but still a great browse.
 EatingWell Great recipes & tips for Eating Well with a focus on making delicious healthier. Can’t argue with that.
 CookingLight One of finest features in Cooking Light is Healthy Cooking 101 which you will find under the FOOD tab. Well done!
 VegetarianTimes Vegetarian Times claims “the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes.” They also include recipes and tips for vegan and gluten free cooking and offer free weekly newsletters for all 3 groups.
 Cooks_com Cooks.Com is a privately held company in West Wareham, MA with only 5 employees. They sure keep busy! This site is chock full of recipes and tips.
 Talk Food This site is run by the folks who run Cooks.Com. TalkFood is an online community. Their slogan is: “Cooks Are Talking.”
 FineCooking You’ll always find the latest issue of Fine Cooking at Sweet Basil. We love the variety of the topics covered each month, the “no nonsense” way their writers write and the care they display in getting the recipes right.
 Saveur “Savor a world of Authentic Cuisine” is the Saveur slogan and they live up to that with a globe-trotting approach and they zealously guard their reputation for authenticity. Great photography, too.
 bon-appetit With the demise of Gourmet Magazine in 2009, bon appétit became the granddaddy of culinary magazines. (It was founded in 1956.) Their coverage of the “food scene” is extensive.
 epicurious If were a target, every square inch would be a bullseye. Owned by the owners of bon appétit, it draws on the heritage of recipes from both bon appétit and Gourmet. A veritable Fort Knox of recipes.
 FoodAndWine You could say that this magazine covers the world from soup to nuts with travel, reviews, personalities and culinary news which is not surprising when you know that Food & Wine is owned by Time.
 IACP-logo “The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) is a worldwide forum for the development and exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration within the professional food and beverage community.” Membership affords great networking and continuing education.
 AIWF-Logo Julia Child and Robert Mondavi and some of their friends founded The American Institute of Wine & Food in 1981. AIWF’s mission: The American Institute of Wine & Food is a national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding, appreciation and quality of wine and food.
 JamesBeardLogo The James Beard Foundation, housed in New York City in James Beard’s former residence, is a non-profit that honors chefs, wine professionals, journalists, and cookbook authors at annual award ceremonies. It is also involved with providing scholarships and educational opportunities to future cooks. Chris Bianco, Vincent Guerithault, Christopher Gross and Robert McGrath are Valley chefs who have been James Beard Award Winners.