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Kids 8-12 Cook Finger Foods at Sweet Basil

Kids Cooking Class

FAMILY COOKING class at Sweet Basil

Parent & Child & Family Cooking Classes


Gourmet Couples Class

A Lunch & Learn class at Sweet Basil

Lunch & Learn Demonstration Class


Teens Cooking Classes

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Classes are listed by the month and are updated frequently as to their status. (Such as “FULL”).

There are also .PDF files that list all 3 months of the current quarter:
Winter – January, February & March
Spring – April, May & June
Summer – July, August & September
Fall – October, November & December

90% of our classes are “hands-on.” If a class is a demonstration class it is clearly marked in the class schedule. For example, our Friday Lunch & Learn classes (from Noon-1PM) are DEMONSTRATION classes and marked accordingly.