What’s Happening

What’s Happening

Sweet Basil will have a booth at azcentral.com's Food & Wine EWxperience FOOD & WINE EXPERIENCE
Sweet Basil
will have a booth at azcentral.com’s Food & Wine Experience at Scottsdale Fashion Square on Saturday & Sunday, November 7th & 8th. Stop by and see Martie & the Gang!
Cupcake Wars at Teens Cook Camp at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School
Cupcake Wars at Teens Cook Camp at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School
Cupcake Wars at Teens Cook Camp at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking SchoolCupcake Wars at Teens Cook Camp at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School
Cupcake Wars at Teens Cook Camp at Sweet Basil Gourmetware & Cooking School
 What if after a war all combatants
shared the delicious spoils of victory and left
the field of battle laughing & smiling?
That was the scene yesterday after
CUPCAKE WARS concluded the week-long
Teens Cook Camp (June 22-26) at Sweet Basil. The cupcakes were judged on beauty, originality, design, color & most-delicious-looking.The “combatants” were:
>> United Cakes of America
>> Pink Lightning
>>“We CARROT About Our Cupcakes”
>>The Banana Bunch
>>Sweet Velvet

“You can’t be sad when
you are holding a cupcake.”
Amy Anderson

A blustery day can cause problems, as Pooh’s friend Owl found out when his house in the Hundred Acre Wood blew down. Chef Basil Une, Sweet Basil’s Greeter at the front door suffered a similar fate when a “Winds-day” came to Scottsdale. His brother, Chef Basil Deux was safe inside the store when Basil Une toppled over in the sudden breeze. (We think he said more than “Bother!” Maybe “Sacrebleu”?) He suffered a severe shoulder injury and numerous scrapes & bruises. He was transported that night after Sweet Basil closed to a clinic where he was attended to by a Papier-mâché surgeon. The prognosis is good & he should be back at his post at Sweet Basil’s front door soon.
Treat your Mom to a MOTHER’S DAY TEA on Saturday May 9. We think you’ll agree that this menu is both elegant and delicious.
2. A MATRYOSHKA GIFT BASKET. Matryoshka means “Mother” in Russian. (It is derived from the Latin root mater.) You might know them better as Russian “nesting dolls.” They are the inspiration for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.
“Who is Paul McCartney?” someone tweeted after Sir Paul (72) appeared on Kanye West’s (38) recording of “Only One.” Well, it WAS a long long long time ago when Paul and his mates set out across the Atlantic for Shea Stadium. (Did they sail on the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria?:-)If you follow us at all you know that we love to share great recipes. I got to thinking about the generation gap when I came across a great one in the latest issue of AARP. No matter how far away you are from being an AARP member, I think most of you will enjoy writer Alice Randall’s answer to the “64” question which is how you can enjoy a wilted greens salad with a tasty, luxurious hot dressing that will take you to 64 and beyond. So follow me across the magazine generation gap to a unique recipe and a heartfelt story for Alice Randall’s Resurrection Salad.
Carnac the Magnificent’s answers to questions were kept in the above-mentioned mayo jar. We kept the names of the winners of the Sweet Basil Market Basket Contest in the – you guessed it – Sweet Basil Market Basket. The task was to correctly identify the 44 pictures of market basket ingredients in our Spring 2015 Cooking Class Schedule. Our Webmaster drew the winning entry from the Market Basket to determine the winner of a class for two. Congratulations, Terri! All the other winners will receive a Sweet Basil Cookbook. Thanks to all who entered!
KitchenFools NO GOOSEBERRIES IN THE KITCHEN? (And, Curly, no goosing in the kitchen, either!) Gooseberries are the classic ingredient in the old English dessert called a “Fool.” Celebrate April Fool’s Day tomorrow with readily available right now strawberries with a simple but profoundly delicious recipe from the incomparable Mark Bittman of the New York Times. (The best April Fool’s gag ever played on yours truly was a rubber chicken in a pot of Matzo Ball Soup.)
Eat Dessert First! EAT DESSERT FIRST!*Join us for lunch at the new Sweet Basil Market Cafe & as a Get Acquainted Special dessert is on us when you purchase a Salad or Sandwich & a Beverage.The details are HERE!* “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” Ernestine Ulmer
 BasilPlants3-2015-SMALL Gnome-napping has been around awhile. A recent incident in Boulder, Colorado is well described in a fun-and-pun-filled story from the Boulder Daily Camera. Here-a-gnome…there-a-gnome. Of course there is the famous world-traveling Travelocity gnome. We love our gnomes. The photo here shows some of our gnomes at Sweet Basil’s Basil Garden. All the basil for our Cooking School and the Market Cafe (for the Italian Chop Salad) comes fresh from the garden.
 SweetBasilMarketCafeSOUTH-VIEW-SMALL The Sweet Basil Market Cafe opened on March 13 inside Sweet Basil.
Hours: Monday – Saturday open for lunch from 11 AM – 2:30 PM & dessert is served until 4 PM. Stop by and say hi!
>> Market Cafe Menu
>> Opening Day at the Market Cafe! 
MarketBasket What’s in the Sweet Basil Market Cafe Basket?
We’re celebrating the ingredients that will be filling our Spring Market Basket in both our Spring 2015 Cooking Classes and the menu for our Sweet Basil Market Café – opening mid-March – with a contest! Details are on the front page of our Spring 2015 Class Schedule PDF
Howe-Hearts A great little way to say “I love you!”
Pottery maven Lisa Howe is a Sweet Basil favorite and her little Heart Bowls are little clay gems – especially at Valentine’s Day. They are available in 7 lustrous glazes and are @ 4″ wide and 2″ deep. They’re perfect by themselves or as “packaging” for Valentine gifts from fine chocolates to jewelry. After Valentine’s Day they make great jewelry or change caddies on the dresser or for salsas & dips when entertaining.
” For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.” – Ivan Panin
1 Do you massage your kale? When one of our favorite Guest Instructors at Sweet Basil – Chef Hallie Harron – returned to the Valley last fall from her cooking school in Provence – Maison Mollans, she alerted us to the appearance of a number of recipes for “Massaged Kale Salads.”  (You read that right! You can Google it.) 
Kale So we imagined Pillsbury spokesperson Poppin’ Fresh learning how to massage kale and then substituting it for the parsley in his Bacon Breadstick Foccia.
Poppin’ Fresh invited Edvard for lunch.
But first massaged some Kale for Munch.
It’s a scream.
And pretty darn tasty, too!
BaconBreadstickFocaccia 3 We liked some of the reader’s suggestions made for this recipe. We used fresh bacon – or Bac-Os for a veggie version. Also added the string cheese and either pesto or sun-dried tomatoes. Using parchment paper is a must. (It will go great with a Massaged Kale Salad from Aarti Sequeira.) Like most of you, many times we’re too busy to spend much time in the kitchen, which is why we’re fans of Meghan Pembleton’s Make It Quick column in the Arizona Republic’s Food & Dining section on Wednesdays.
Cory-Amy-PrimeRib-12-16-2014 FOX 10’s Cory McCloskey and Sweet Basil’s Chef Amy Barnes discuss preparing a Holiday Prime Rib dinner this morning (Tuesday, December 16th) on The Morning Show when Cory visited Sweet Basil. Watch the spots and enjoy the recipes!
PART 1              PART 2       RECIPES
JanDAtri Jan D’Atri’s “Rescued Recipe” column in The Arizona Republic featured a great recipe for Linzer Cookies last week. She used the “R & M Linzer Cookie Cutter” she saw at Sweet Basil so we sold out a day later. Happily a new shipment is on its way. The Linzer Cookie ( an almond dough & jam “sandwich”) hails from Linz, Austria. (Also the home of PEZ candy!)
CafeTable The New Year is a great time for new things to begin! At Sweet Basil, it means a new chapter in our love affair with food and cooking will begin. In January, construction on the Sweet Basil Market Café, will begin. For more details please see the back of the new Winter 2015 Class Schedule.
Sweet Basil and The Arizona Republic have created an “Online Cooking School” with slide shows and recipes. Classes run 24/7 and recess is optional. Click the pic to start. The Arizona Republic, Martie & Sweet Basil are featured in Healthy Helpers about 10 great kitchen tools. (The webmaster’s favorite – the Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Slicer – is pictured here.)
sbAZRCookingSchool KyoceraAdjustableMandolineSlicer

Online Cooking School Sample:

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