A Visit to Chef Basil’s

A VISIT TO CHEF BASIL'S or THE WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS [ Link: http://www.nightbeforechristmas.biz/ ]   I lived in an apartment on West 23rd Street in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood when I attended the New York Restaurant School. One of the things I loved about...

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Yule Logs

When can you eat a log if you are not a beaver? The answer is: At Christmas time when the edible version is known as a Yule Log cookie or cake. A Yule Log Cookie is a Sweet Basil favorite at our annual HOLIDAY COOKIES classes. We form a type of sugar cookie dough into...

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Tea, Ice, and Hot Weather

The most frequently asked question at our Cooking School for the last 22 years has been “What is this tea?” And now the same question is being asked in the Market Cafe. It is Tropicana Tea and it has been making friends for us for a long time. We serve Tropicana iced...

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The Old Man and the Doors

What is your idea of a great birthday celebration? If dining at a favorite restaurant is the answer, welcome to the club. By the way, this club has no membership card, no dues and no meetings. (If you’d rather that the restaurant staff didn’t surround your table and...

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An Amaizing, Corny Story

Anticipation used to be reserved for things like the last day of school and Christmas. Now it’s things like NFL season, a new John Sanford novel & the arrival of sweet sweet corn from Olathe, (Oh-Lay-Thuh), Colorado. Sweet Basil’s Martie Sullivan is a Colorado...

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